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ElSafa Pack

ElSafa Pack is one of the leading Egyptian manufacture of packaging materials and owned by ElSafa for import and export co. Since our inception, we have relied on a policy of establishing high professional quality standards in all our products; In order to satisfy the aspirations of customers and to be able to compete in the growing Egyptian market, at ElSafa we offer the highest levels of our products; Thanks to our trained and talented personnel, and through modern technology and devices, we believe in our capabilities, our people and our modern technologies, To publish the finest products that suit and change the needs of contemporary competing markets, we are not the best, but we are looking for the satisfaction of our customers.

For Business

Versatile Packaging solutions fit all your business needs.


For Consumers

Packaging materials that meet every household needs.

Packing Solutions

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We provide the best solutions in the MENA market that meet the needs of both the producer and the consumer.